Supply Chains, Pluto, and Rare-Book Thieves: Lux Recommends #293

2 min readSep 3, 2021


By Sam Arbesman, PhD

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Why Is the Supply Chain Still So Snarled? We Explain, With a Hot Tub: “Utah manufacturer Bullfrog Spas depends on a complicated network to bring materials from across continents and oceans. The pandemic put it out of whack.” — Deena

The miracle molecule that could treat brain injuries and boost your fading memory: “Discovered more than a decade ago, a remarkable compound shows promise in treating everything from Alzheimer’s to brain injuries — and it just might improve your cognitive abilities.” — Nelson

We’ll Never Have a Final Answer on Pluto: “The meaning of planet is complicated, and maybe that’s okay.” — Sam

Cracking the Case of London’s Elusive, Acrobatic Rare-Book Thieves: “How detectives from Scotland Yard, Romania, Germany, and Italy nabbed the so-called Mission: Impossible gang, which pulled off a string of daring warehouse heists.” — friend of Lux Tom Kane

To solve space traffic woes, look to the high seas: “Ruth Stilwell, an expert in space and aviation policy, thinks the best way to protect spacecraft is to adopt lessons from maritime law.” — Cameron

Tyler Cowen is the best curator of talent in the world: “Tyler Cowen is an economist that has spotted top talent in fields ranging from biotech to literature, often years before insiders. How does he do it?” — Sam

100,000 Stars — friend of Lux Rahul Rana

Why William Gibson Is a Literary Genius: ‘Forty years after his breakout story, “Johnny Mnemonic,” the father of cyberpunk remains one of the best writers around’ — Sam

Circuit-level simulation of PongWill

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