Elephant Evolution, Old Macs, and Vikings in North America: Lux Recommends #301

By Sam Arbesman, PhD

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Solar storm confirms Vikings settled in North America exactly 1,000 years ago: “Analysis of wood from timber-framed buildings in Newfoundland shows Norse-built settlement 471 years before Columbus” — Zack

Why no tusks? Poaching tips scales of elephant evolutionAdam K

Giant, free index to world’s research papers released online: “Catalogue of billions of phrases from 107 million papers could ease computerized searching of the literature.” — Sam

Gut-Brain Axis May Drive IBD-Linked Psychiatric Symptoms Adam G

Check out the original 1851 reviews of Moby-DickSam

Man spent $150 eating every meal at Six Flags since 2014 to pay off student debtAdam K

LaserWriter II by Tamara Shopsin: “a coming-of-age tale set in the legendary 90s indie NYC Mac repair shop TekServe―a voyage back in time to when the internet was new, when New York City was gritty, and when Apple made off-beat computers for weirdos.” — Sam


In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, I Was Almost Anakin SkywalkerSam

Sand artAdam K

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