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Electric Eels, T-Cell Therapy, and a 3D Printed Car: Lux Recommends #198

By Sam Arbesman, PhD

Welcome to Lux Recommends #198, this week’s edition of what we at Lux are reading and thinking about (want to receive this by email? Sign up here).

A SWIFTer way to build organs: “New technique allows 3D printing to focus on printing the vessels necessary to support a living tissue construct” — Deena

The Moral Logic of Humanitarian Intervention: “Samantha Power made a career arguing for America’s “responsibility to protect.” During her years in the White House, it became clear that benevolent motives can have calamitous results.” — Deena

The world’s first T-cell therapy for a solid tumor cancer is made in PhillyZack

A Father and Son Are 3-D Printing Their Very Own Lamborghini Aventador: “Laser physicist Sterling Backus and his son have spent $20,000 3D printing a fully functional, life-size version of the supercar.” — Adam K

New Electric Eel Is Most Shocking Yet: “Packing 860 volts, the newly discovered species “will not kill a healthy person.” Still, it has jolted scientists.” — Zack

AI thinks this flood photo is a toilet. Fixing that could improve disaster response: “A new data set aims to teach computer vision systems to recognize images from disasters.” — Deena

1 in 4 female founders have considered running for office: “They employ more than 9 million people in the United States and view the world differently from their male counterparts. Fast Company and Inc.’s annual survey reveals what this growing economic force is thinking.” — Deena

If He Drinks White Claw and Wears a Fleece Vest, He Might Just Be a Finmeme Influencer: “Inside the hugely popular world of Wall Street Instagram.” — Alex

Texas hounds chase down rhino poachers in South Africa: “Dogs trained to run free in packs are revolutionizing anti-poaching efforts in Kruger National Park.” — Adam K

He “Was Struggling Not to Laugh”: Inside Netflix’s Crazy, Doomed Meeting with Blockbuster — Friend of Lux Stanley Kim

Beijing skyline swallowed by smog cloud in timelapse footageAdam K

Why Do Cats Hunt?Adam K

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