Circadian Diets, the Adirondack Chair, and a LEGO Space Computer: Lux Recommends #290

By Sam Arbesman, PhD

Welcome to Lux Recommends #290, this week’s edition of what we at Lux are reading and thinking about (want to receive this by email? Sign up here).

Following a Circadian Diet Could Help Keep Foodborne Illnesses at Bay: “Mice intestinal immune systems sync with gut microbe activity to provide scheduled protection against contaminated food, a new study suggests” — Adam G

Why CAPTCHA Pictures Are So Unbearably Depressing: “They force you to look at the world the way an AI does” — Sam

Lost Italian Village Emerges After Decades Under Water: “Lake Resia, which engulfed the village of Curon in 1950, has been temporarily drained to allow maintenance work to be completed” — Lux friend Bobby D

The Feel-Good Recliner That Cures What Ails You: “The Adirondack chair has gone through countless permutations, but it all started at a time when resting outdoors was thought to be a matter of life or death” — Sam

New tool enables mapping of protein interaction networks at scaleAdam G

Audi’s new Skysphere concept is two cars in oneAdam K

The big tech quest to find the metals needed for the energy overhaul: “Demand for lithium, cobalt, graphite, and other battery materials is soaring. AI may help dig them up.” — Cameron

Tracking circadian rhythms from your smartwatch: “Smartwatches are handy devices for people to keep track of the number of steps they take per day or to track their mile time during a run. But they are also opportunities for scientists to understand people’s physiological processes while they are going about their everyday lives.” — Adam G

Galois Groups and the Symmetries of Polynomials: “By focusing on relationships between solutions to polynomial equations, rather than the exact solutions themselves, Évariste Galois changed the course of modern mathematics.” — Nelson

What are elephants really ‘saying?’ First-ever library reveals communication mysteries: “National Geographic Explorer Joyce Poole reflects on her life’s achievement: an ethogram cataloguing nearly 50 years of data on African elephant behavior.” — Adam K

Nestflix: “Fictional movies within movies? Got ’em. Fake shows within shows? You bet. Browse our selection of over 400 stories within stories.” — Sam

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami: “Two childhood friends go from high school dropouts to the most powerful drug kingpins in Miami in this true story of a crime saga that spanned decades.” — Lux friend Bobby D

Val: The film follows the life and career of actor Val Kilmer, including footage of Kilmer shot by himself throughout his career, footage of his childhood, and home movies.” — friend of Lux Alex Furst

I wanted a working LEGO space computer but couldn’t find anybody making them, so I 3D printed one (well actually 2) — Lux Recommends reader Greg Greenberg

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