Artificial Cells, Gene Therapy, and Ancient Roman Humor: Lux Recommends #294

2 min readSep 10, 2021


By Sam Arbesman, PhD

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Introduction to AAV as a Gene Therapy Vector, Part 1: “What are AAVs? and what makes them good candidates for gene therapy?” — Adam G

Scientists Create Artificial Cells That Mimic Living Cells’ Ability to Capture, Process, and Expel Material: “Synthetic Microscopic Structures Imitate Vital Function of Biological Cells” — Sam

Turn and Face the Strange: “Overcoming Barriers to Change in Sports and Investing” (pdf)— Peter

Steven Pinker Thinks Your Sense of Imminent Doom Is WrongSam

Photographer Captures Spectacular Shot of a Shooting Star Falling Into the Mouth of a VolcanoAdam K

No Laughing Matter? What the Romans Found FunnySam

The Theft That Made The ‘Mona Lisa’ A MasterpieceAdam K


Atlas of Forecasts: Modeling and Mapping Desirable Futures by Katy Börner: “Forecasting the future with advanced data models and visualizations.” — Sam


Former NASA Engineer Erupts The World’s Tallest Slime VolcanoAdam K

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