Ancient Diseases, Meatless Meat, and Trophy Trees: Lux Recommends #276

By Sam Arbesman, PhD

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A Revolution Is Sweeping the Science of Ancient Diseases: “The study of DNA from millennia-old bacteria and viruses is revealing new secrets about the plague and other epidemics.” — Sam

Your Diet Is Cooking the Planet: “But two simple changes can help.” — Deena

This incredible beetle can endure being run over by a car, inspiring scientists to develop new materials — Adam K

Scientists are searching for the plural of ‘black hole,’ and their ideas are out of this world: “Popular ideas include a ‘terror’ of black holes and a ‘silence’ of black holes.” — Deena

Can we reflect sunlight to fight climate change? Scientists eye aerosol shield for EarthCameron

Cell and gene therapy: The next frontier in pharmaceutical services: “A few ambitious companies are pioneering a new industry serving the emerging sector” — Adam G

Daniel Kaminsky, Internet Security Savior, Dies at 42: “If you are reading this obituary online, you owe your digital safety to him.”— from Lux friend Nicky Sid

‘Undruggable’ cancer protein becomes druggable, thanks to shrubSujude

The Newest Status Symbol for High-Net Worth Homeowners: Trophy Trees: “In search of the perfect garden, the super rich are paying upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring in huge old trees by helicopter, barge and flatbed truck” — Adam K

Let’s Launch a Moonshot for Meatless MeatDeena

First GMO Mosquitoes to Be Released In the Florida Keys: “The EPA approved Oxitec’s mosquitoes for release this spring. Some scientists and locals want to halt the deployment.” — Shaq

AI unlocks ancient Dead Sea Scrolls mysteryAdam K

Faster drug discovery through machine learning: “New technique speeds up calculations of drug molecules’ binding affinity to proteins.” — Adam G

Lost Cities: A Story of Coral — friend of Lux Bryan White

And Let’s Bask in This Photo of the SunSam

1000 Musicians play Highway to Hell (AC/DC)Adam K

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