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A Self-Driving World, the Origins of PowerPoint, and the Godbot: Lux Recommends #106

By Sam Arbesman, PhD

Welcome to Lux Recommends #106, the newest edition of what we at Lux are reading and thinking about (and want to receive this by email? Sign up here).

The Improbable Origins of PowerPoint: “Here’s the surprising story behind the software that conquered the world, one slide at a time” — Alex

All hail the Godbot: In Silicon Valley artificial intelligence isn’t just king, it’s literally a new religion: “The Way of the Future, a non-profit religious corporation in California, has no church, no worshipers, no doctrine, no scripture and no rituals” — Sam

The Fascinating Link Between Gut Health and Cancer Treatment: Microbiome and cancer. —Adam G

Are We on the Verge of a New Golden Age? “A long-wave theory of technological and economic change suggests the financial malaise that began in 2007 may be about to end.” — Sam

300 Neurons Traced in Extensive Brain Wiring Map: “A vast effort by a team of Janelia Research Campus scientists is rapidly increasing the number of fully-traced neurons in the mouse brain. Researchers everywhere can now browse and download the 3-D data.” — Adam G

The Rev-Up: Imagining a 20% Self-Driving World and Full Tilt: When 100% of Cars are Autonomous Sam

Autonomously growing synthetic DNA strands: “Molecular robotics advance could enable new generation of self-assembling programmable devices” — Adam G

Researchers watch video images people are seeing, decoded from their fMRI brain scans in near-real-time: ‘Purdue Engineering researchers have developed a system that can show what people are seeing in real-world videos, decoded from their fMRI brain scans — an advanced new form of “mind-reading” technology that could lead to new insights in brain function and to advanced AI systems.’ — Shahin

From back in 2013: James Howells searches for hard drive with £4m-worth of bitcoins stored: “A Newport man has been searching a landfill site in south Wales hoping to find a computer hard drive he threw away which is now worth over £4m”— Peter

Legacy Systems as Old Cities Sam

And Will the Next Mozart be a Robot?Adam K

An incredible whale breachingAdam K

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